Why 50% of Companies Fail at SEO?

Why 50% of Companies Fail at SEO?

And how not to be one of them.

And how not to be one of them.

Learn from the best

Hi, I’m Kyle Roof, co-founder at High Voltage SEO. I’m also an SEO speaker, course instructor, an SEO SaaS co-founder and have published over 400 tests on Google’s algorithm.

In this training I’m going to show you why your current SEO isn't performing and may even be putting you at risk. I'm also going to show you a couple of neat techniques I am using right now to drive large amounts of qualified, free traffic to client's sites, all while staying within Google's webmaster guidelines.

I look forward to seeing you in the training.


Lesson 1

The truth about SEO


Lesson 2

The new Science Based SEO Method


Lesson 3

A real life SEO campaign which helped boost monthly traffic from 400k to 1.3 million monthly visitors in 1 year


What our clients say

Peter Maricic
Marketing Manager

"High Voltage have provided us with fantastic support in optimising our eCommerce store & Google My Business pages ensuring we are ranking competitively in organic search results."

Jeff Stahlnecker
Head of Development

“HV were able to secure us articles & links in Reuters, Forbes, USAToday and INC.com, something other firms were not able to achieve.”

Dominic Gluchowski

"HV were brilliant! They helped us identify low hanging fruit keywords with their Compound SEO. This gave us a huge advantage and stopped us wasting time publishing content that we would never rank for."