Forget thinking those top spots on Google are out of reach. Let us show you how our unique SEO methods can get your brand where the others can’t.


We are dedicated SEO consultants. We do not focus on website development, PPC or Social Media. Although we have these capabilities, we use them only when needed to supercharge the SEO, not as one-off services. This enables us to focus on what we do best.



We use a combination of traditional and new SEO methods, many developed in-house. Remember when you choose your SEO provider that it’s not always what they do but how they do it which makes all the difference.


As you know, before you build a solid house, you need to pour strong foundations. We invest a lot of time fixing, updating and preparing your site to be an SEO powerhouse before we even begin your campaign.


Choosing your keywords may seem a simple task, but it isn’t. All keywords are not created equal and there is a science to finding the gems amongst the pebbles. By analysing extensive keyword lists using our own 10-point algorithmic factors, we get a clear picture of what keywords will maximise your SEO investment.


Most SEO agencies are happy to tell you to put more content on your website. ‘Content is King!’, they will say. But it’s the ‘how’ not the ‘what’ that makes all the difference. Having a page for each of your products or services won’t cut it any more. Our focus is on building strong keyword clusters into silos, building deep, rich content for search engines to crawl.


Links and social signals are flags to Google that you are adding something of value to the internet. Don’t get fooled into thinking you can fake these. You only need to speak to someone who’s been penalised by Google to know it’s not worth it.
You need creativity to generate quality links and social signals. We work with you to create powerful and creative strategies that will build your brand’s online authority.


On top of the fundamental SEO methods, in our SEO lab we test and experiment with new, cutting edge SEO formulas. When you work with us, you get access to the latest and greatest knowledge to keep you ahead of your competition.


Still a little skeptical? No problem, we know, there’s a lot of sharks out there and we want to prove they are nothing like us. If you’d like to work with us based on agreed KPIs, be they rankings, traffic or other metrics, this can gladly be arranged. This can work based on a fixed price for meeting your targets.


Marcus Hancock

Director, MJH Group - Sales & Marketing Experts

We have worked with Andrew and the HVSEO team for 4 years now, using their services for our own business as well as across our client base. HVSEO are the most professional, practical and results driven SEO/SEM/Social Media team that we have ever worked with and we are happy to endorse their services. They take a practical commercial view and deliver long term sustainable results as well as being proactive in finding opportunities for improvement. Across a number of high value projects – from Residential Land Development to FMCG – the work done by HVSEO has consistently been one of the most cost effective lead generation tools in the marketing program.
The team are responsive and always up-to-date with the latest thinking and updates in their areas of expertise.

Angela Kirwan

Ankars Commercial Cleaning

We’ve been a long-time client of High Voltage SEO. Their SEO strategies are definitely powerful and although it didn’t happen overnight, we saw steady rankings improvement over time until we now have page 1 rankings in a range of suburbs across Melbourne for ‘commercial cleaning’. This is now bringing in a consistent stream of quality leads each week. The team seem extremely competent when it comes to SEO, they have provided good value for money to our company so I can recommend them as a strong, trustworthy agency for SEO.