SEO Programs for SaaS: SEO strategy designed to drive customer signups

SaaS SEO designed to drive customer signups

At High Voltage, we design and implement winning SEO strategies for B2B SaaS marketing teams. 

At High Voltage, we design and implement winning SEO strategies for B2B SaaS marketing teams.

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Client results for SaaS business

Customers served! 1 % Customers served!

By providing this SaaS client in the data privacy niche with internal linking silos and compound content, they have seen a 435% increase in their organic traffic and number of ranking keywords.

Customers served! 1 M Customers served!

During the period we worked with this SaaS client in the fintech niche, they saw organic traffic increase from around 225k monthly visits to around 2.5mil monthly visits.

I can’t say enough good things about Kyle and his team. They are super prompt and very thorough. Their documentation and deliverables are the best I’ve seen from any SEO agency, period. Hiring HV SEO was a great decision and has contributed to our tremendous success at FreshBooks.

Steve Toth, Freshbooks

SEO tailored to the needs of marketers in B2B SaaS sales

SaaS marketing is a numbers game for our clients. You must attract the right kind of SaaS platform users at the lowest cost. Get the marketing it wrong and you’ll find that your customer base is growing but you are slowly going broke. Get your marketing right and you’ve built a scalable, profitable growth machine!

We see SEO as playing a vital role within the B2B SaaS marketing mix and can be a valuable investment for SaaS companies. Our SaaS SEO strategies can help to offset and lower CAC by decreasing your traffic acquisition costs while growing website traffic month on month. Both vital metrics for growing B2B SaaS companies.

The only SaaS SEO agency in the world with a patent on isolating Google ranking factors.

White hat SEO techniques that produce scalable traffic growth for your business.

SEO innovation through a synergy of trusted industry brands, PageOptimizer Pro and Internet Marketing Gold.

We are really happy with how proactive HV are and how clear everything is and I totally trust these guys to implement our SEO. Working with HV took a lot off my plate so I could focus on other important tasks.

Paige Harris, Enzuzo

A peek inside an HV SEO program for 

SaaS Clients

We value SaaS SEO strategy transparency and honesty, believing that the best SEO results truly come from mutual understanding and working together. This is what happens after you’ve said “YES” to working with our agency.

  • The discovery call

  • Your growth plan

  • Meet your CM

  • Website audit

  • 3-month sprints

  • Rinse & repeat

During your 30min SEO discovery call, you’ll talk with one of our SEO rank strategists to help us understand more about your software business. 

We'll review your current SaaS marketing activities, your website traffic, previous SEO experience, your competitors landscape, your sales process and customer LTV. 

Together, we’ll determine if HVSEO digital marketing services are a good fit for your software business and which of our SEO services best fits your website needs and budget.

Why SEO vs paid ads for SaaS clients?

In the digital age, your software website is your most valuable business asset. Your website is the only digital asset you truly control and own and if your software business is ever acquired, SEO traffic will make up a component of your valuation. For this reason, quality SEO is an investment which compounds over the long term for SaaS companies.

Paid ads

Paid ads such as Google Ads may give you instant traffic to your software site but CPC's can range up to $15 or more per click! For many SaaS companies, this is not a sustainable marketing strategy over time, is not ROI positive, and puts a strain on other parts of the software business. The worst part? When the ads stop, so does the traffic to your website.

SEO traffic

With SEO, we aim to reduce your dependency on paid website traffic over time. Sure, you may still run a small Google Ads budget to compensate for gaps in your SEO, but you'll have a significantly lower ad spend than if you were solely relying on ads to drive customers to your site.

Most of HV's clients generate many multiples in paid traffic value from the SEO work we do compared to their monthly SEO investment. Meaning, if they were to buy the traffic generated through their SEO work from Google Ads, they would spend 5-20 times as much as they spend on their SEO.

SaaS SEO Services for Your Website

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) SEO services optimize your website using relevant keywords and high-quality content to increase your rankings on popular search engines.

SEO is more than a numbers game–working with a SaaS SEO agency builds a strong reputation for your software business, increases sales, and saves you marketing money in the long run.

SEO tools and services identify underutilized and overutilized keywords and links, which can bring down your standing on search engine results. Through link building, scientific strategies, and quality content, SaaS SEO helps your software site reach the top of the search results. We have the SEO tool kit that can increase your site search rankings and drive customers to your site.

A Cutting-Edge B2B SaaS SEO Tool

If your B2B SaaS company needs recognition and digital marketing, search engine optimization is crucial to your business strategy. A solid strategy for your B2B SaaS SEO can reliably attract MQLs by building brand credibility and authority. Our SaaS SEO team will identify and analyze your subscribers’ behaviors to convert casual interest into higher subscription rates on your site.

With SEO tools and services, you attract organic traffic, improve your brand visibility, and achieve long-term growth. With SaaS SEO that can funnel those leads into sales, resulting in higher ROIs than with traditional advertising and marketing techniques. Whether you need link building, technical SEO, or content, our SEO studio can help identify areas of opportunity.

Google Keyword Ads Versus SEO Tools

While Google Keyword can provide you with words and phrases to describe your business or software product, Google Ads can only do so much for your site. Once your advertising expires, you can see a decline in site clicks and sales. SaaS SEO services offer long-lasting marketing solutions that can be sustained at a fraction of the cost of old-school advertising and marketing techniques.

By attracting clients through organic search results with quality content, you build your site credibility–which results in more clicks. These clicks keep you high on those results pages, making your site the top choice for your target market and outperforming your competitors businesses.
SaaS companies use SEO services to see where they measure up to competitors and incorporate high-ranking content to their current workflow.

Using Technical SEO to Expand Your Reach

Technical SEO practices are ideal for SaaS businesses. High Voltage bases strategies and recommendations on years of experience and more than 400 tests conducted on the Google Algorithm.

Search engine optimization requires equal parts science and understanding Google guidelines. With 100% white hat practices, we develop content that is natural to your brand voice and is in compliance with Google’s guidelines.

We use innovative SEO technologies, including Page Optimizer Pro and Internet Marketing Gold to maximize the reach of your SaaS brand. Our SEO methods prove that white hat techniques and features result in sustainable business growth.

Science-backed content helps turn clicks into sales on your SaaS site. More organic search traffic means more leads and helps with brand awareness.

Understanding the Search Engine Results Page

An SaaS SEO program increases your search engine visibility. Unlike paid advertising, SEO strategy works on building long-term standing on search results pages. This means you climb the results page with no expiration date as you rank above SaaS competitors.

Research shows 75% of users look to search engines before subscribing or making a purchase. More than 50% of total online users surveyed said high-ranking websites in search results are more trustworthy.

By categorizing high-buying intent keywords, mapping those keywords to the SaaS buyer journey stages, and identifying more SaaS SEO opportunities, your brand rises to the top of the search results page. The higher you are, the more of an authority you appear to your target audience!

FAQs About SaaS SEO Services

What makes HVSEO the best choice for an SEO agency?

Close to a decade of scientific testing that has shaped our proprietary SEO methods and business strategy. Our expert in-house team of devoted SEOs, campaign managers, and content writers have the experience and skills to boost your SaaS site performance. Our open policy of explaining exactly what work is being done on your project will keep you informed as we implement your SaaS SEO strategy.

When should I hire an SEO agency?

Don't hire an SEO agency if you need instant site traffic. SEO is a long-term investment that compounds over time. If you would like to reduce your need for paid search traffic and generate many multiples in traffic value compared to what you would spend on paid ads, right now is the best time to hire an SEO agency.

What kinds of businesses does HVSEO work with?

HV builds custom SEO programs for SaaS, B2B, eCommerce, National Brands, Local Businesses, and multi-language companies. There are some industries we won't work with including guns, tobacco, casino, alcohol, and illicit drugs.

How much does it cost to work with you?

Our strategy pricing is dependent on your project SEO goals and timeline. The larger the budget, the faster you can see the results of our science backed SEO we implement. Though SEO program minimums start at $1,500 / month. The price you pay will be dependent on the SaaS SEO strategy you choose to implement.

How long does it take to see results?

It is impossible to guarantee Google search rankings. Stay far away from any SaaS SEO companies who promise rankings as there are many unforeseen factors that can expedite or delay the performance of your particular site. However, most clients start to see SEO results in the first 3 months.

Do you do black hat SEO?

We do not practice any "Black Hat" SEO and opt to set our clients up for solid, long term success. Over the years and based on 400+ tests conducted on the Google Algorithm, we have developed our proprietary compound SEO method - a completely natural and approved, white hat method for exponentially growing traffic volume to a website by staying within Google's guidelines.

Do you outsource any of your work?

We are a robust team from all over the globe and everything we deliver is managed by, and completed by, our in-house team of SEO experts.

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