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We design and implement SEO campaigns for ecommerce business owners and marketing teams. We love to work with WooCommerce, Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento & Squarespace.

We design and implement SEO campaigns for ecommerce business owners and marketing teams. As an ecommerce SEO agency, we love to work with WooCommerce, Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento & Squarespace website platforms.

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While stocked in over 300 stores, this client was looking to grow direct sales through their ecommerce website. Through implementing our data-driven content marketing strategy for SEO, the client has recorded a 2,800% increase in organic traffic to their website.

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We helped our client launch their nation-wide ecommerce store in Australia, working with them to optimise product and category pages. Increasing their indexed website pages from under 500 to nearly 8,000 to date, we've achieved a 7x increase in organic site traffic. 

Customers served! 0 % Customers served!

The goal of this client was to expand ecommerce sales in the UK and reduce their reliance on paid search ads. Within our SEO ecommerce strategy, we focused on content creation and optimization of their website content. As a result, the client received a 190% increase in ranking keywords and a 75% increase in organic search traffic within 1 year.

We have worked with HVSEO team for 4 years. They are the most professional, practical and results driven SEO team we have ever worked with and we are happy to endorse their services. They take a practical commercial view and deliver long term sustainable results as well as being proactive in finding opportunities for improvement.

Marcus Hancock, Intersport

SEO tailored to the needs of marketers in ecommerce

Did you know that according to a study conducted by Semrush, more than 1/3 of retail traffic comes from organic search? That means SEO is critical if you are trying to maximize your e-commerce website’s profitability and sustainability.

With almost a decade of experience executing profitable ecommerce SEO programs for clients big and small, High Voltage SEO has become a preferred company choice for high growth ecommerce businesses.

The only SEO firm in the world with a patent on isolating Google ranking factors.

White hat SEO techniques that produce scalable traffic growth.

SEO innovation through a synergy of trusted industry brands, PageOptimizer Pro and Internet Marketing Gold.

Merry People have been using HV for the past 12 months and the team have done amazing work to improve rankings for our two websites across a variety of search terms and geographies. Not just a partner, HV takes you on the SEO journey and educates on industry best practice. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending HV for all things SEO.

Tim White, Merry People

A peek inside an HV SEO program

We value transparency and honesty with our ecommerce SEO services, believing that the best site results truly come from mutual understanding and working together. This is what happens after you’ve said “YES” to working with our SEO team.

  • The discovery call

  • Your growth plan

  • Meet your CM

  • Website audit

  • 3-month sprints

  • Rinse & repeat

During your 30min discovery call, you’ll talk with one of our rank SEO strategists to help us understand more about your ecommerce business and website.
We'll review your current digital marketing activities, your website traffic, previous SEO experience, your competitive landscape, your sales process, and customer LTV.

Together, we’ll determine if HVSEO is a good fit for your ecommerce business and which of our SEO services best fits your needs and marketing budget.

The team is friendly, responsive, and effective! We've seen our website sales increase meaningfully with their SEO expertise.

Renee Louis-Charles, Hana Tonic

Why SEO vs

paid ads?

In the digital age, your online website is your most valuable business asset. Your digital site is the only digital asset you truly control and own and if your business is ever acquired, SEO traffic will make up a component of your business valuation. For this reason, quality SEO is a company investment which compounds over the long term.

Paid ads

Paid ads such as Google Ads may give you instant traffic to your e-commerce site but CPC's can range up to $15 or more per click! For many e-commerce businesses, this is not a sustainable marketing strategy over time, is not ROI positive, and puts a strain on other parts of the business. The worst part? When the ads stop, so does the business traffic.

SEO traffic

With SEO, we aim to reduce your dependency on paid digital search traffic over time. Sure, you may still run a small Google Ads budget to compensate for gaps in your SEO marketing, but you'll have a significantly lower ad spend than if you were solely relying on ads to drive traffic to your digital sites.

Most of HV's online clients generate many multiples in paid traffic value from the SEO work we do compared to their monthly SEO investment. Meaning, if they were to buy the online traffic generated through their SEO work from Google Ads, they would spend 5-20 times as much as they spend on their company SEO.

On-Page Content for Professional Ecommerce SEO Services

At High Voltage, we understand the various dynamics in SEO ranking and how they can impact different parts of your digital website. This is why we’re always fine-tuning our digital marketing solutions to SEO–we don’t hesitate to update our on-page content search engine optimization tactics to ensure they’re in line with the latest Google search algorithms.

Our ecommerce SEO strategies can help you improve your product listing pages and grow your online ecommerce business.

What Does Our On-Page Optimization
Strategy Include?

Our ecommerce SEO agency has a broad range of cutting-edge on-page content optimization approaches designed to push your web pages to the top of the SERPs from keyword research and schema markup to link building and url edits. Here are our main digital solutions for your e-commerce SEO needs:

SEO Keyword Analysis

The keywords you use on your ecommerce platform will define your online brand and your company products. However, the quality of these relevant search engine keywords will determine how easily your web pages and products can be found on Google search engines by your customers.

Therefore, we spend a lot of time analyzing different search engine keywords to ensure that the ones we select for your on-page website content will help Google display your site on relevant SERPs for top ranking. We utilize the latest keyword research tools to find the most relevant keywords that your target customers are consistently using to find the information they need on search engines. We'll optimize your site content with the chosen keyword. These keywords will generate organic traffic to your website, increasing your digital conversion rates and store revenue.

Content With a Target E-Commerce Keyword List

We create high-quality SEO content for your company web product pages. Our expert SEO writers know how to optimize web page content to make it friendly to search engines and interesting to your target audience. The website content will rank for relevant keywords and improve your page rankings in the search engine.

Google algorithms will analyze your content to assess its intent and relevance to the search engines. We ensure that your content contains the information your target audience and clients need. We also make sure that your product page content has similar keywords to the ones used by your company clients in their online searches so that you have superior ecommerce SEO.

These search keywords are included in the title, body, and meta descriptions of your on-page content, making it easy for them to rank high in SERPs. Other than choosing the right product keywords, our ecommerce SEO services will also integrate and anonymize your interaction data to assess its relevance to common search queries and outperform digital competitors.

Professional E-Commerce Content Strategizing and Optimization

As a trusted, reputable, and experienced e-commerce SEO agency, we appreciate the importance of digital content strategy and website optimization. So, we spend our time creating radical content strategies so that we can give you digital content that will help you build lasting relationships with your target audience and increase your ecommerce SEO conversion rates.

We ensure that your on-page site content addresses the specific desires of your target market. Every piece of information you put on your web pages should answer the specific concerns of your intended customers.

We also ensure that the digital content on your ecommerce website is visually appealing to keep customers glued to your online site; ultimately, this will maximize your page conversion rates. Our search engine optimization content strategies are always consistent with the changing Google algorithms to keep your website outperforming your competitors. SEO for ecommerce goes a long way in creating a great online presence, and as an ecommerce SEO company, we can help you get your website ranking at the top of the search results.

FAQs About Ecommerce SEO

What makes HVSEO the best choice for an ecommerce SEO agency?

Close to a decade of scientific testing that has shaped our proprietary SEO methods for ecommerce businesses. Our expert in-house team of devoted SEOs, campaign managers, and content writers will help grow your online ecommerce business. Our open policy of explaining exactly what work is being done on your project will help you stay up to date on your digital SEO strategy.

When should I hire ecommerce SEO services?

Don't hire an SEO agency if you need instant traffic to your online site. SEO is a long-term business investment that compounds over time. If you would like to reduce your need for paid digital traffic and generate many multiples in traffic value compared to what you would spend on paid ads, right now is the best time to hire an SEO agency for your online business.

What kinds of businesses does HVSEO work with?

HV builds custom SEO programs for SaaS, B2B, eCommerce, National Brands, Local Businesses, and multi-language organizations. There are some industries our ecommerce agency won't work with including guns, tobacco, casino, alcohol, and illicit drugs.

How much does it cost to work with your SEO experts?

Our SEO pricing structure is dependent on your project goals and timeline. The larger the marketing budget, the faster you can see the results of our science backed SEO we implement. Though SEO program pricing minimums start at $1,500 / month. When you meet with our SEO experts, they will go over the specific pricing for your digital marketing strategy.

How long does it take to see ecommerce SEO results?

It is impossible to guarantee Google rankings for digital site content. Ecommerce SEO agencies can't guarantee any results. Stay far away from any marketing agencies who promise rankings as there are many unforeseen factors that can expedite or delay the performance of your particular online site. However, most SEO clients start to see website results in the first 3 months.

Does your team do black hat SEO?

We do not practice any "Black Hat" SEO and opt to set our agency clients up for solid, long term business success on their ecommerce websites. Over the years and based on 400+ SEO tests conducted on the Google Algorithm, we have developed our proprietary compound SEO method - a completely natural and approved, white hat method for exponentially growing traffic to a platform by staying within Google's ecommerce SEO guidelines.

Do you outsource any of your ecommerce SEO work?

We are a robust team from all over the globe and everything we deliver is managed by, and completed by, our in-house team of SEO experts.

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