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We design and implement winning SEO strategies for marketing teams working in the crypto space.

We design and implement winning SEO strategies for marketing teams working in the crypto space.

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Client results

Customers served! 1 X Customers served!

MXC worked with HV to boost traffic to their site to aid their listing process on crypto exchanges. Within 12 months of HV working with MXC, the client has recorded a 13x increase in organic traffic, a 3.2x increase in crypto keywords ranking in positions 4-10, and a 3.8x increase in keywords ranking in positions 11-20.

Customers served! 1 % Customers served!

Through implementing our Compound SEO technique, we helped Coinjar to achieve a 55% increase in organic traffic, a 1.7x increase in crypto keywords ranking in positions 4-10, and a 1.8x increase in keywords ranking in positions 11-20 within 6 months of working with them.

HV were brilliant! They helped us identify low hanging fruit keywords using their Compound SEO. This gave us a huge advantage and stopped us wasting time & money publishing content that we would never rank for.

Dominic Gluchowski, Coinjar

SEO tailored to the needs of marketers in crypto

Whether you're a blockchain token needing traffic to get listed on an exchange or you're an exchange trying to rank trading pairs or need traffic to attract new crypto investors, High Voltage understands your industry. The crypto industry fierce, it's growing at lightning speed and there are new SEO opportunities every day.

According to SemRush, monthly global searches for Bitcoin are 350% higher in 2022 than in late 2017.

With the shear growth in crypto related search coupled with the challenges of crypto ad bans, we see SEO as playing a vital role within the crypto marketing mix. Our crypto SEO strategies can help to offset and lower CAC by decreasing your overall traffic acquisition costs while growing highly relevant and qualified site visitors month on month.

The only SEO firm in the world with a patent on isolating Google ranking factors.

White hat SEO techniques that produce scalable traffic growth.

SEO innovation through a synergy of trusted industry brands, PageOptimizer Pro and Internet Marketing Gold.

HV were able to secure us articles & links in Reuters, Forbes, USAToday and, something other firms were not able to achieve.

Jeff Stahlnecker, MXC

A peek inside an HV SEO program

We value transparency and honesty in our SEO practices, believing that the best results truly come from mutual understanding and working together. This is what happens after you’ve said “YES” to working with us.

  • The discovery call

  • Your growth plan

  • Meet your CM

  • Website audit

  • 3-month sprints

  • Rinse & repeat

During your 30min SEO discovery call, you’ll talk with one of our Google rank strategists to help us understand more about your crypto business. 

We'll review your current crypto marketing activities, your website traffic, previous SEO experience, your competitive landscape, your sales process and customer LTV. 

Together we’ll determine if HVSEO is a good fit for your business and which of our SEO services best fits your needs and marketing budget.

Why SEO vs

paid ads?

In the digital age, your crypto website is your most valuable business asset. It's the only digital asset you truly control and own and if your business is ever acquired, SEO traffic will make up a component of your valuation. For this reason, quality SEO is a business investment which compounds over the long term.

Paid ads

Paid ads such as Google Ads may give you instant traffic and results but CPC's can range up to $15 or more per click! For many businesses this is not a sustainable marketing strategy over time, is not ROI positive, and puts a strain on other parts of the business. The worst part? When the ads stop, so does the site traffic.

SEO traffic

With SEO we aim to reduce your dependency on paid site traffic over time. Sure, you may still run a small Google Ads budget to compensate for gaps in your SEO, but you'll have a significantly lower ad spend than if you were solely relying on ads to drive site traffic.

Most of HV's crypto clients generate many multiples in paid traffic value from the SEO work we do compared to their monthly SEO investment. Meaning, if they were to buy the traffic generated through their SEO work from Google Ads, they would spend 5-20 times as much as they spend on their SEO.

SEO for Crypto

Launching a revolutionary cryptocurrency takes significant time and expertise for any company. From registering your cryptocurrency on your blockchain to establishing your APIs, you need SEO services to successfully launch your vision.

Digital prowesses like Google and Facebook have been banning advertisements for crypto and initial coin offering. This makes marketing cryptocurrencies near impossible using traditional marketing methods.

With crypto SEO services, you don’t need to worry about digital marketing. Search engine optimization is a reliable way to gain organic clicks and traffic, getting the word out about your cryptocurrency.

What a Crypto SEO Service Can Do for You

Let’s face it–cryptocurrency only works when your audience uses it. SEO experts understand that your company needs to see results, and the right agency will take a holistic approach.

SEO for crypto can include:

  • Link building for organic clicks

  • Keyword research for search engine optimization

  • Content optimization for search engines

  • Analytics to keep up with changing algorithms

SEO Consulting for Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency SEO services are more than increasing your visibility and boosting your ranking on Google search results. A cryptocurrency SEO agency will also perform audits on your existing standings, rankings, and develop an action-plan to help you reach your company goals.

High Voltage offers a range of SEO audits and consultation services, including:

  • Full audits

  • Technical audits

  • Conversion rate optimization audits

  • Online market analysis

Whether your goal is to raise awareness about your latest NFT collection or increase your blockchain conversion rates, an SEO company can actualize your vision.

What to Expect from an SEO Agency

Top SEO agencies like High Voltage start your SEO journey by identifying your unique goals, existing strategies, and challenges. On your discovery call, our team will dive into the nitty-gritty of what you need from your SEO services.

We develop a custom growth plan and introduce you to your campaign manager–your point person for all things SEO. High Voltage can conduct a website and SEO audit, generate engaging SEO content using white-hat strategies, and check back in to review progress.

High Voltage can work alongside your in-house marketing team, or provide your business with a full-service approach.

Blockchain SEO Services

Blockchain SEO services allow you to reach your target audience organically. Unlike Google Ads, which are expensive and have an expiration date, blockchain SEO strategies directly boost your existing and new content. With reliable, engaging content, you establish your brand as a crypto authority on the market.

There are more than 22,000 cryptocurrencies on the market, which can make the search for your crypto, NFT, or blockchain easy to miss. With blockchain SEO, you can increase visibility, boost conversion rates, and stand out from the competition.

Boost Your Business With Marketing and Content Strategies

From technical SEO assistance, including modifications to your mobile site and existing media, to targeted SEO strategy, SEO for cryptocurrencies can take your company to the next level.

SEO creates a lasting impression on your customers and core audience. High Voltage uses a scientific approach–coupled with engaging and creative content–to draw in new leads and cultivate regular web traffic.


What makes HVSEO the best choice for an SEO agency?

Close to a decade of scientific testing that has shaped our proprietary SEO methods. Our expert in-house team of devoted SEOs, campaign managers, and content writers will help grow your business through SEO. Our open policy of explaining exactly what SEO work is being done on your project.

When should I hire an SEO agency?

Don't hire an SEO agency if you need instant traffic to your crypto site. SEO is a long-term investment that compounds over time. If you would like to reduce your need for paid Google search traffic and generate many multiples in traffic value compared to what you would spend on paid ads, right now is the best time to hire an SEO agency for your site.

What kinds of businesses does HVSEO work with?

HV builds custom SEO programs for SaaS, B2B, eCommerce, National Brands, Local Businesses, and multi-language organizations. There are some industries we won't work with including guns, tobacco, casino, alcohol, and illicit drugs.

How much does it cost to work with you?

Our SEO pricing is dependent on your business project goals and timeline. The larger the SEO budget, the faster you can see the results of our science backed SEO we implement. Though our SEO program minimums start at $1,500/month.

How long does it take to see results?

It is impossible to guarantee Google rankings for your crypto site. Stay far away from any SEO agencies who promise rankings as there are many unforeseen factors that can expedite or delay the performance of your particular business site. However, most crypto clients start to see results in the first 3 months.

Do you do black hat SEO?

We do not practice any "Black Hat" SEO and opt to set our crypto clients up for solid, long term success. Over the years and based on 400+ SEO tests conducted on the Google Algorithm, we have developed our proprietary compound SEO method - a completely natural and approved, white hat method for exponentially growing traffic to a site by staying within Google's guidelines.

Do you outsource any of your work?

We are a robust SEO team from all over the globe and everything we deliver is managed by, and completed by, our in-house team of experts.

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