SEO Explained featuring Kyle Roof

Decoding SEO with Expert Insight and Science-Based Strategies

Ep1: Meet our SEO experts (13:14)

Ep2: How does SEO actually work?


Ep4: The SEO Strategy Roadmap

Ep5: SEO in the age of AI

Ep6: The SEO Dilemma: DIY or Hire an Agency

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Kyle Roof

High Voltage SEO’s co-founder, Kyle Roof, is known for unearthing Google's 'hidden' algorithmic truth, spotlighting that at their core, these algorithms are based on mathematical principles. He demonstrated this by snagging Google's top spot using gibberish-laden content and targeted keywords, thrusting the algorithm's math-driven nature into the limelight.

Over the years, Kyle has conducted more than 400 scientific SEO experiments, further unravelling Google's algorithm. These findings now underpin the acclaimed PageOptimizer Pro, a premier SEO tool, while also fuelling strategies in his SEO agency. Kyle's insights are often shared through podcasts, global conferences, and his co-founded platform, IMG.

He has continued to make waves with a patent granted in January 2020 for a method to test ranking variables, positioning him as a trailblazer in the SEO sphere.

Hosted by

Adam Truszkowski

Adam is a seasoned digital marketing strategist with nearly two decades of experience, specializing in SEO. He has been deeply involved in this field since 2004, honing his skills in areas such as website development, paid advertising, and copywriting. Over the past nine years, Adam has delved into SEO strategy, guiding companies of all sizes to increase their organic visibility and traffic.

In his role as an SEO expert at HV SEO for the last five years, he has developed tailored strategies for clients spanning from startups to Fortune 100 companies worldwide. Adam is adept at analyzing complex SEO landscapes and identifying targeted opportunities to boost rankings and performance. He stays on top of constant updates in the world of search to ensure clients benefit from the latest best practices.

With his analytical approach and creative problem-solving abilities, Adam formulates high-impact SEO roadmaps that align with his clients' overall business objectives. He is passionate about translating technical SEO insights into tangible results and a solid return on investment (ROI).

What will you learn?

SEO Explained, is your essential guide to all things SEO and digital visibility.

On this journey you will gain insight into the dynamic world of Search Engine Optimization as we dive into topics like selecting the right SEO agency, building Google's trust, and achieving SEO greatness.

Whether you're a newcomer to online marketing or a seasoned pro, our podcast will equip you with the knowledge and strategies needed to excel in the digital landscape. Take your SEO journey to new heights with the SEO Explained podcast!

  • Foundation of SEO: Explore the core principles of SEO and its integral role in digital marketing strategies.
  • Achieving SEO Results: Uncover the factors influencing the timeline for tangible SEO results and strategies for success.
  • Successful SEO Campaigns: Learn from real-world examples of triumphant SEO campaigns and innovative strategies.
  • Navigating SEO Complexity: Gain insights into optimizing both on-page and off-page SEO, adhering to ethical practices, and adapting to evolving algorithms.
  • AI and SEO: Discover how artificial intelligence is transforming content creation and its symbiotic relationship with traditional SEO practices.
  • DIY vs. Hiring an Agency: Understand the options available for executing effective SEO, whether in-house or through professional agencies.

Want to improve your website ranking? Get SEO insights from Adam Truszkowski delivered to your inbox.