Episode 6

What Are Your SEO Options?

In this episode of SEO Explained, Kyle Roof and Adam Truszkowski dive into the multifaceted world of Search Engine Optimization strategies, shedding light on the various options available to individuals and businesses aiming to enhance their online visibility and rankings. Throughout the episode, the hosts navigate the complexities of SEO by offering insights into DIY approaches, the potential benefits of hiring an agency, and the considerations involved in keeping SEO efforts in-house.

In This Episode

0:18: Various ways to approach SEO

Adam and Kyle start by acknowledging that there is a spectrum of possibilities when it comes to executing effective SEO. They expound on the importance of exploring the feasibility of each approach and emphasize that understanding the entirety of the SEO process is key before making a decision.

0:59: The overarching, effective SEO process

Our hosts explore the fundamental components of a successful SEO strategy, highlighting the importance of meticulous planning and the crucial step of creating a comprehensive SEO strategy.

1:53: When to consider an SEO agency

This conversation speaks to examining your human resource skills and capacity to determine if aligning with an agency is the best option for success.

2:17: Cost-effectiveness of hiring an agency

Our hosts compare investing in a specialized SEO agency to using in-house talent using factors such as long-term cost saving, expertise, and manpower.

6:03: High Voltage SEO’s international and multilingual capabilities

This discussion explored the reach of HVSEO and how this helps us leverage global experience to effectively serve clients worldwide.

7:01: The effects of language and perspective on SEO analysis

In this discussion, hosts explore the role of experience and language in SEO assessment. They emphasize that two people might view the same website differently due to their unique experiences and linguistic perspectives.