Episode 5

AI and What It Means for SEO

In this thought-provoking episode of SEO Explained, hosts Kyle Roof and Adam Truszkowski explore the nuanced interplay between AI and SEO, dissecting the extent of AI’s influence and its potential implications.

In This Episode

1:01: Extracting information using AI tools

The hosts acknowledge the revolutionary role AI has played in expediting the content generation process. What might have taken hours–if not days–for a human to meticulously research and articulate can now be algorithmically composed within seconds.

2:47: The accuracy of AI-generated content

Adam and Kyle offer a word of caution regarding the unchecked proliferation of AI-generated content.

5:15: Using AI in a safe way for SEO

Kyle and Adam dive into the importance of testing AI and creating a strategy that still has Google’s trust while avoiding duplication.

7:41: Why duplicate content should be avoided

Our hosts explain that the use of AI may sometimes result in duplicate content that could not only erode the credibility of websites but also impact their search rankings.

9:09: How featured snippets are helpful in SEO content

This discussion ventures into the realm of AI’s impact on the coveted featured snippets and voice search trends and their assistance in providing solutions for user queries but not necessarily prolonged page visits.

10:57: Why asking AI questions is still unreliable

Hosts here speak to the limitations surrounding AI and its inability to understand the intention of the questions or give data-driven answers.