Episode 1

Meet our SEO experts

In this pilot episode of SEO Explained, Adam Truszkowski, Senior Rank Strategist at High Voltage SEO, engages in a conversation with the company’s founder Kyle Roof. The episode is part of a six-part series focusing on demystifying SEO.

In This Episode

0:30: Intro to Our Experts

This episode features an interview with Kyle Roof, co-founder of High Voltage SEO. The interview covers Kyle’s background and journey into the world of SEO.

3:15: Kyle’s Entry into SEO

Kyle shares his journey into the world of SEO, which began with a drastic career change. After moving to South Korea and starting a business, he ventured into website development and eventually stumbled upon the world of SEO.

4:09: Developing an SEO testing method

Resourcefulness led Kyle to devise a unique approach to SEO testing by running scientific experiments on Google’s algorithm. He developed methods that provided evidence-based insights rather than relying solely on speculative strategies.

7:38: Beating the SEO competition

The episode provides insights into the significance of testing in SEO and highlights HVSEO’s unique approach of conducting rigorous experiments to determine effective strategies. This approach distinguishes the agency from those relying on speculative techniques, demonstrating the practical and scientific aspects of its work.