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What do our clients have to say?

"I can’t say enough good things about Kyle and his team. They are super prompt and very thorough. Their documentation and deliverables are the best I’ve seen from any SEO agency, period. Having access to a pro of Kyle’s stature has been incredibly valuable. Hiring HV SEO was a great decision and has contributed to our tremendous success at FreshBooks."

Steve Toth

"We have worked with HVSEO team for 2 years. They are the most professional, practical and results driven SEO team we have ever worked with and we are happy to endorse their services. They take a practical commercial view and deliver long term sustainable results as well as being proactive in finding opportunities for improvement."

Marcus Hancock

"Shout out to Kyle Roof and High Voltage SEO for helping me optimize specific pages on recently. Nice to see my numbers going up again!"

Pat Flynn

"I found HVSEO after seeing Kyle on different podcasts and events. I was drawn in by how they build their SEO strategies by conducting scientific experiments. From their proposal to their phone consultation, it became clear to me that they were not just another agency trying to pressure me into signing up. Instead they looked at my specific business and our goals and tailored a custom solution for us with clear objectives."

George Leon