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No matter if you are just entering the German market or have an established brand in Germany, our Berlin SEO team will help you increase your online presence in the DACH region.

The core of our SEO Agency Berlin team is a mixture of native German and native English speakers based in Berlin, we have extensive experience growing brands through seo marketing in the German market. Combined with our data-driven SEO, it’s a difficult combination to beat. Our team is well positioned to help you enter the German-speaking market (DACH) or help you establish your brand in the DACH region against big competitors.

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We want to help you grow your revenue by increasing the numbers of leads and sales through organic traffic.

Our Advantage for Search Engine Optimization

We focus on facts and data!


High Voltage SEO stands for tested SEO methods and proven results. We use a scientific-based approach to optimise your website.


We are constantly running tests on Google’s algorithm to understand what works and what things have changed over time. By doing this we are able to create a strategy for you that is successful now and in the future.


Over the years we have conducted more than 350 tests on the algorithm and we continue to do so regularly. Based on those results we have developed our SEO methods and techniques that we apply on your pages.


One of our key findings was that there are correlational consistencies in particular ranking signals on top rankings pages. These findings essentially become our 'Recipe to Rank' and have formed the backbone of our SEO consulting methods and our well known SEO tool PageOptimizer Pro used by over 10,000 SEOs worldwide.


Proven Track Record of Our Berlin SEO Team in the German Market

“The work of High Voltage SEO Agency is focused on the future of a project with clear objectives and implementation. We can recommend the team of HVSEO with a clear conscience!”

Andreas Worch

“High Voltage are thorough, extremely organised and great at communicating with us. Unlike other SEO agencies, I can completely trust them to make the right decisions without too much involvement from us.”

Danny Hoodless


The 5 Pillar Method



For this module, we conduct a thorough, 40 point, technical analysis of your site following Google's Webmaster Guidelines, Find, Crawl, Index & Brand. Technical issues with your site could prevent it from ranking as well as it possibly could after implementing our strategies. The goal of the audit is to identify and highlight those issues.



Each keyword lives within its own competitive environment in Google. We conduct intense research and analysis of your particular keyword market, analyzing competitors keywords, lost keywords & keyword gaps. Armed with that data, we then develop a keyword plan. Our process identifies keyword opportunities others miss, giving you a distinct advantage over your competitors.



We say that the secret to ranking is hiding in plain sight. Google shows us the pages it likes for a given keyword - they are the ones ranking at the top of the search results! Using our Scientific On Page Method and tools such as PageOptimizer Pro and Cora, we reverse engineer the page Google wants to see. Based on that knowledge, we optimize your pages scientifically to perform at their best. In this module we also build topic silos into your site, maximizing internal linking gains which often generate quick wins.



If you know anything about E-A-T, that's Expert, Authority, Trust, you know Trust Signal building is a factor you cannot ignore. Since August 2018, Google has been penalizing sites based on lack of trustability. In this module of your campaign we do a Trust Signal audit and implement missing trust factors such as Maps optimization, trusted citations, content authorship, and footer signals, to name a few.



This module is left for last and is dependent on your existing site authority deficit. Perhaps the biggest influencing factor on Site Authority is trustable, high authority, relevant inbound links to your site. Unfortunately, securing these types of links is the most costly and least predictable SEO activity. Implementing this strategy last ensures only the minimum amount of effort is required. . This module usually takes the form of link building outreach managed by our in house team of specialists.

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