What Are the Benefits of Search Engine Optimization? Uncover the Secrets of SEO Success


Andrew Steven
March 24, 2023


In today’s dynamic and ever-evolving digital landscape, there’s a term that echoes louder than most: SEO. As consumers continue to shift towards online channels, the need to optimize websites for search engines has become more pressing than ever before. 

But what exactly is the buzz about SEO and that are the benefits that a SaaS SEO agency can provide?

Sure, it can improve a website’s visibility and searchability, but what other benefits does it offer? And why is it growing in importance so rapidly?

Organic Search Is Key To Success

Organic search is an essential part of any brand’s success, as it’s often the primary source of web traffic. Google dominates the search market, with a significantly larger share than Yahoo, Bing, Baidu, Yandex, DuckDuckGo, and many others. 

However, don’t forget to target the remaining search market owned by these other engines – especially for niche industries where voice, visual, and vertical search engines are especially important. It’s also worth noting that Google is the most visited website in the world, and the most popular email provider with over 1 billion users, while YouTube is the second biggest search engine with 2 billion people accessing it every month. Clearly, the majority of the world with access to the internet is visiting Google daily for information.

SEO Offers Impressive ROI

Are you looking to get the most out of your digital marketing channels? Return on investment (ROI) should be your top priority! While SEO results may take some time to show, a well-crafted strategy can eventually offer impressive ROI despite the rising cost of search engine optimization as a service. 

Recent research indicates that search engine leads boast a close rate of 14.6%, which is nearly 12% higher than traditional marketing. 

However, if your website is languishing on page two, three, four or beyond, you won’t see much in terms of leads. On the other hand, the first Google listing receives an astonishing 33% of all search traffic. With higher visibility comes more web traffic and increased revenue, making SEO’s ROI a major incentive for many businesses.

SEO Gives You Long-term Rewards

SEO is more than a short-term financial commitment; it’s a long-term marketing strategy. To reap its full rewards, you must commit to a multi-year plan of action. Investing in SEO can pay off tremendously, with far-reaching, lasting effects – if you give it the necessary time. So, if you’re looking for a powerful marketing tool that can yield results for years to come, SEO is the way to go.

SEO Helps You Reach Buyers At The Right Time

SEO is making its mark on the buying cycle, and the importance of up-to-the-minute research is growing exponentially. By leveraging SEO strategies to showcase your best deals, cutting-edge products and services, and the reliability of what you offer customers, you can revolutionize the buying process. 

To truly make an impact, brands must be visible to potential customers in the exact places they are searching for answers. Through local SEO, you can effectively increase visibility and ensure that customers are connecting with the right solutions and businesses.

SEO Helps You Develop Your Brand Presence

SEO can do more than just convert users into customers – it can also help to increase brand visibility. As your rankings climb, you’ll create more opportunities for potential customers to discover your brand. Even if they don’t click on your page, simply being in a prominent position will help them to make the connection between you and the solutions they’re looking for.

If you’re competing with other businesses for specific search terms, then it’s even more important to be top of mind and own those searches. Otherwise, your competitors will reap the rewards of the organic sales.

When starting out on your SEO journey, the best approach is to target longer variations of a given search. For example, rather than just “online accounting services”, you can go for “online accounting services for small business” or “best online accounting services for small business in the northwest”. Not only will these generate less search traffic, but they are also much easier to rank for. As you start to rank for these longer variations, you’ll soon move up for the shorter search terms, and in the process, you’ll be building your brand’s awareness among your target

About the author 

Andrew Steven

Andrew has been building and managing SEO teams since 2008 where he led the largest SEO firm in Australia. Since meeting Kyle and partnering to form High Voltage SEO Andrew has been Kyle Roof’s man behind the scenes and together with Maria Dubretic have since co-founded the SEO tool PageOptimizer Pro. Andrew wishes he could stop dreaming about digital marketing in his sleep and would love to hear from anyone who has a cure for this.

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