What Are the Benefits of an SEO Audit?


Kyle Roof
April 27, 2024


In this digital age, your business needs to invest in search engine optimization (SEO) in order to keep up with the competition. Whether you’re a start-up just building your web presence and digital marketing strategy or an established company updating your web pages to reach new or wider audiences, an SEO audit comes with several benefits. A comprehensive SEO audit can boost your organic search traffic, increase conversions, enhance your brand’s visibility, resolve any technical problems, give you a long-term return on investment (ROI), and upgrade your content strategy.

Understanding SEO Audits

If you’re wondering whether you should get an SEO audit, wonder no more‒SEO audits are important because they help your business stand out against competitors and create a longer-lasting impact than paying for traditional advertising. But, how do they work?

An SEO audit is an in-depth analysis of your website’s performance in search engine results pages (SERPs) and provides you with a game plan to improve your digital presence. SEO audit agencies like High Voltage create detailed reports that outline their findings, recommendations, and an actionable path forward to help fix technical issues, backlink acquisition strategies, content optimizations, and more.

SEO audits typically include technical SEO, on-page and off-page SEO, keyword analysis, competitor analysis, and even local SEO.

Key Benefits of SEO Audits

SEO audits are the first step in improving your search engine rankings, because they identify where your website can be optimized and create recommendations to boost your visibility on SERPs. But why does your ranking on SERPs matter? Here are a few benefits of investing in an SEO audit and strategy:

Boost Organic Search Traffic

When your search engine rankings improve, you will usually see an increase in organic website traffic. Organic web traffic means you’re reaching the audiences you want because this traffic is typically highly-targeted and often warm leads. These users are actively searching for services, products, or even more information that is directly tied to your business or industry.

Increase Conversions

Once that traffic starts pouring in, you can establish yourself as an authority in your industry with engaging and high-quality content. As users interact with your content, it starts to build trust between your brand and the consumer. By cultivating that relationship with users through optimized content and webpage accessibility, users are more likely to take desired actions, whether that’s sign up for your subscriber list or complete a purchase.

Enhance Your Brand Visibility

The higher you are on SERPs, the more eyes are on your brand. Most users don’t click past the first page of search engine results pages, so if your brand makes it to the first page for relevant keywords, you continue to foster trust and credibility with your target audience. Your brand will be on the front of their minds when users think of your industry.

Resolve Technical Problems

Every time the Google algorithm updates, it can wreak a small amount of havoc on the websites featured on page one of the SERPs. Beyond that, there may already be underlying technical issues with your website that lower its optimization. SEO audits, whether annual or frequent routine checks, can uncover those technical problems bringing your brand down.

This can include identifying and removing duplicate content, indexing problems, broken links, and more. An SEO audit will identify solutions and an action plan to improve your user experience and SERP rankings.

Long-Term ROI

Unlike paid advertising spots, SEO is a long-term marketing strategy. When you implement recommendations from your High Voltage SEO audit, you are laying the groundwork for meaningful, sustainable growth in your online visibility, brand credibility, and organic traffic over time. This makes SEO a valuable investment that doesn’t ‘expire’ the same way an advertising contract might.

Upgraded Content Strategy

SEO audits can help you identify gaps in your existing content strategy and keep your thumb on the pulse of what your target audience really wants to know. This type of audit is different from content marketing audits because it’s geared towards attracting organic traffic by using keyword-optimized content and webpages.

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About the author 

Kyle Roof

Kyle is responsible for the development and implementation of all SEO techniques used by the SEO agency High Voltage SEO and the SEO tool PageOptimizer Pro. Kyle is also the co-founder of Internet Marketing Gold, a global community of 3000+ SEO professionals who test and prove cutting edge SEO techniques. Kyle is also co-host of SEO Fight Club a weekly YouTube show that covers a multitude of SEO topics. Kyle’s SEO techniques and discoveries are followed by many SEO professionals and business leaders, he has been featured in many respected publications and is a regular speaker on SEO and SEO testing at conferences throughout the world.

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