SEO Consultant for SaaS


Kyle Roof
March 15, 2024


High Voltage’s SEO specialists provide guidance, support, and strategic action plans tailored to the unique needs of SaaS companies. Expert knowledge of SEO is invaluable for businesses that depend on web traffic to generate leads and convert visitors into customers.

Using the right approach to improve organic traffic isn’t just a great way to climb the rankings and get ahead of your competitors–it’s a long-term way to develop excellent domain authority and ensure your SaaS brand is instantly recognizable in a crowded market. Today, we’ll explain what an SEO consultant does and why their support is so important to SaaS sector companies, as well as an overview of the process.

What to Expect When Hiring an SaaS SEO Consultant

The primary role of an SEO consultant is to help your business stand out from the noise, secure a higher-ranking position, and improve your market share.

Each SaaS client we work with is assigned a dedicated campaign manager–the same role sometimes referred to as a ‘consultant.’ Having a single point of contact means that every time we meet or you get in touch, you’re dealing with someone who knows your business, SEO plans, and targets and can get right to the point.

Our talented SEO marketers build SaaS SEO projects from scratch, beginning with a discovery call and onboarding where they establish:

  • Your current SEO position and marketing activities
  • The traffic and organic search conversions you’re achieving
  • Key competitors and differentiating factors that set you apart
  • The products, services, or applications you provide, and who your ideal B2B client is

From there, we build growth plans, developing a long-term SEO strategy to stay relevant and competitive long after your initial metrics have improved. Sustainability and continuous progress are, of course, fundamental to SaaS businesses!

Why Hire an SEO Consultant With Experience Working Within the SaaS Market?

Software as a service (SaaS) is one of the fastest-growing markets globally. It has a unique environment where companies compete almost exclusively online and appeal to broad and international demographics who look for software applications to solve problems and address commercial needs. Generic SEO campaigns simply aren’t as effective as a strategy that is refined and adapted to the objectives and aspirations of an SaaS company. 

Setting marketing benchmarks, completing a deep-dive website audit, and embarking on high-profile, fully optimized content marketing can collectively deliver compelling advantages–and ensure your company achieves its full growth potential.

There are very few scenarios where dedicated SEO support won’t significantly impact your marketing outcomes and revenues. Our SaaS clients have recorded incredible results, including a 435% growth in organic traffic achieved for a data privacy-focused business, which speaks for itself.

Campaign managers who understand the SaaS environment can get to work quickly. Following a discovery call, it usually takes four or five days to assemble a growth plan specifically designed for your business.

Extracting Long-Term Results From an SaaS SEO Strategy

We use link-building, technical website optimization, competitive analysis, and keyword research to build a strategy that leverages natural, organic search traffic, reducing customer acquisition costs (CACs) and growing web traffic in compliance with Google best practice guidelines. The big advantage for any SaaS enterprise is that outcomes are progressive, which is in sharp contrast to a paid advertising campaign where you’ll commonly see a spike in traffic that quickly reverses or plateaus once your budget is exhausted.

Although it takes time to improve your search ranking, most clients begin to see quantifiable results in as little as three months by implementing our proven growth principles. Our overarching goal isn’t to deliver immediate outcomes but to set you up for ongoing success using our proprietary compound SEO methodologies.

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