How Often Should I Get an SEO Audit?


Kyle Roof
April 23, 2024


Search engine optimization (SEO) audits are the first step in developing an effective SEO strategy–but not all audits are created equal. Companies that want to rise the ranks in search engine results pages (SERPs) should receive full actionable SEO audits at least once a year, with smaller, maintenance-focused audits occurring quarterly or monthly.

If you are wondering if you should get an SEO audit, the answer is ‘yes.’ No matter the scale or size of your business, an audit is necessary to know what areas to focus on or repair to boost your SERP rankings and draw in organic web traffic. Your SEO audit acts as a compass for your SEO strategy.

In this post, we’ll dive into what is typically included in an SEO audit, what factors impact audit frequency, and more.

What Is Included In an SEO Audit?

SEO audits can be meticulous processes because they inspect and analyze the different components of your business’s website. Everything from your website’s technical health to the quality of the content can impact your standing on the SERPs. A few items included on an SEO audit are:

  • Mobile usability
  • Meta tags and metadata
  • Site architecture
  • Internal links
  • Content quality
  • Optimized URLs
  • Keyword rankings
  • External links

The truth is, many factors contribute to what websites organically climb up the ranks on search engine results pages. You need a full-service audit to comb through all of these details to find what’s working and what needs help. 

However, you likely won’t need a full-service SEO audit every week, month, or even quarter. Most companies opt for an in-depth audit annually, and then schedule several smaller ones throughout the year to keep up with competing brands.

What Impacts Audit Frequency?

The main factor that impacts your audit frequency is your goals. Specific goals‒such as increasing your conversions or boosting web traffic‒tend to be more frequent because you’re tracking specific benchmarks that can evolve quickly. With these audits, you can adjust your strategy in a timely manner and keep up with the dynamic competition in your industry.

The size and complexity of your website can also impact how frequently you conduct SEO audits. The more built-out your website is, the more links you need to track and pages you need to test. When Google’s algorithms update, it can throw your website through a loop and cause you to drop in SERP rankings. By auditing your website more frequently, you can conduct maintenance and ensure your website is accessible and optimized.

At a minimum, you should be conducting quarterly SEO audits on your website even if it’s just to conduct maintenance. If your website has dead links, it can create a negative impression on your brand’s professionalism and credibility to incoming web traffic and potentially lower your conversion rates.

Turn Your Audit Into Action

An SEO audit is so much more than identifying issues with your website‒an effective audit helps you set goals, recognize your strengths, and identify areas of growth. There is no one-size-fits-all solution to SEO. With an SEO audit agency like High Voltage, you can create a customized SEO strategy scaled to your business’s needs and goals. Ready to get started? Contact us today to schedule your discovery call!

About the author 

Kyle Roof

Kyle is responsible for the development and implementation of all SEO techniques used by the SEO agency High Voltage SEO and the SEO tool PageOptimizer Pro. Kyle is also the co-founder of Internet Marketing Gold, a global community of 3000+ SEO professionals who test and prove cutting edge SEO techniques. Kyle is also co-host of SEO Fight Club a weekly YouTube show that covers a multitude of SEO topics. Kyle’s SEO techniques and discoveries are followed by many SEO professionals and business leaders, he has been featured in many respected publications and is a regular speaker on SEO and SEO testing at conferences throughout the world.

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