Elevate Your SEO Game With SGE Implementation!


Kyle Roof
May 5, 2024


Our team at High Voltage SEO is excited to share some insights gained about the advanced application of AI to Google searches called Search Generative Experience (SGE). 

Over the last year, our team thoroughly explored and tested the features, algorithms, and behaviors of this innovative new search function. SGE is still in its early phase, but we extensively tested and examined its capabilities before it becomes widely available as the new standard search mode.

It is our opinion that SGE is going to transform how search engine optimization (SEO) works. It is not the end of SEO as we know it, but the next step in the evolution of this space. During our testing of the SGE model, we discovered (and affirmed) that:

  • SGE will capture 15% to 25% of organic traffic, substantially boosting a website’s online presence.

  • SGE interprets search queries before returning a simplified snapshot of results from multiple sources.
    Users don’t have to click through pages to find what they need. This improved search efficiency enables SGE users to quickly locate and comprehend content on topics they’re interested in; it also offers follow-up questions if the user wants to further their search.
    This enhanced capability will result in more click-throughs and traffic to your content if you adjust your digital marketing strategy to align with SGE.

  • The dynamic and intelligently organized visualization of SGE search results provides a more engaging and user-friendly interface. The enhanced interface will be familiar to existing Google users, making it easy to adopt while still delivering a revolutionary search perspective.

  • Current search rankings will not affect how your website appears in SGE-powered searches.

In sum, SGE is faster and more efficient than current search methods. Users will have access to higher-quality information in easy-to-digest summary pieces.

SGE is currently available in 130 countries. If you’re in one of these countries and want to try it out, navigate to Google Search Labs and enable SGE.

How We Came to Our Conclusions

After extensive initial research, we focused on developing keywords that could boost SGE search results. During this process, we discovered that SGE has its own ranking algorithms and that you don’t need to be ranked in the first position to make it to the top of the SGE results pages. In fact, you don’t even need to currently be in one of the first ten positions to rank first with SGE.

We discovered this after identifying keywords we wanted to optimize for SGE. To make it more challenging, we zeroed in on keywords from pages currently ranked between fifth and twentieth position.

We chose target markets where SGE was already available and added one more condition: the content could not already be showing anywhere in SGE. We optimized four websites in different niches with content that gave Google exact answers to specific search queries. After optimizing eight landing pages sitting in 5th to 20th positions, five ended up in the first position–and all were in the SGE carousel!

Strategically Implementing SGE

Our implementation of SGE involves a meticulous process that embraces keyword search excellence and strategic implementation tactics to elevate your SEO strategy.

More specifically, in-depth keyword research will identify the most relevant and high-impact terms for your content. Our team only employs the latest proven tactics to seamlessly integrate SGE into your content, ensuring optimal visibility in online searches.

Watch our video about SGE to learn more:

Our View of the Future

SGE is an experiential approach that will transform the SEO environment. By adapting content to SGE, businesses, brands, and content creators can maximize their online visibility, capture a significant share of organic traffic, and gain a competitive edge by having their content appear at the top of search results.

High Voltage makes it our business to stay on the cutting edge of the fast-moving world of SEO. We work with our clients to incorporate new strategies and techniques into their digital marketing efforts so they can adapt and prepare for transformative and strategic innovations like SGE.

Embrace the future–contact the High Voltage team today to learn how you can best prepare for this shift in SEO. We can help you explore ways to take advantage of the SGE opportunity now so that you’ll be miles ahead of your competitors when this AI-based technology goes public!

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