Content Marketing for SAAS


Kyle Roof
March 9, 2024


While most businesses appreciate that SEO is a great way to secure long-term results, the impact of putting strategic content marketing into the mix can be invaluable for software-as-a-service or SaaS organizations. In short, content marketing consistently generates qualified leads by circulating high-value content optimized to meet the needs of a clearly targeted audience.

Creating valuable and authoritative content is a key component of every SEO strategy we design, driving visitor action, scalable growth, improved customer acquisition costs (CACs), and ultimately enhanced profitability.

How Does Content Marketing Benefit SaaS Businesses?

The focus of content marketing isn’t necessarily on sales. We’re not talking about clever pitches, putting a strong emphasis on product value, or even publishing online content that talks about a specific flagship software product. Instead, content marketing is all about the customer–or often, the procurement team or decision-maker for software products designed for a B2B audience.

Content marketing contributes to a long-term marketing approach, achieving the results we’ve mentioned. It works by concentrating on relevant, interesting content that appeals to a specific demographic and adds value to each interaction they have with your business.

Developing a relationship of trust, authenticity, expertise, and authority can produce phenomenal results. An SaaS organization that is known and respected and shares information that answers a question or addresses a need is in a prime position to climb the rankings. They may even top the search engine results page (SERP) due to the volume of organic, real-world clicks from actively engaged visitors.

Why Is Non-Sales Focused Content Marketing Advantageous?

The High Voltage team delivers data-backed research and analysis to find the ideal ways to optimize, target, and grow SaaS brands using our proprietary methodology that has proven to work time and again. Our project managers, SEO technicians, and content specialists often consult with SaaS clients who perceive paid ads as the way to go–and have missed out on the exceptional returns great content marketing can deliver.

Paid ads have a place and are often used to catalyze new launches or promotions. The issue is that pay-per-click advertising (PPC) has limited applications, and inevitably, every click you receive will cost money–whether it leads to conversions or not. Content marketing is a very different approach, and when built into a cohesive strategy, it can work extremely well alongside targeted PPC promotions where they feel relevant.

Our extensive analytics show that clicks bought through Google Ads cost five to twenty times that of every visitor achieved through SEO-backed content marketing. This means, in terms of return on investment (ROI), you’d need to invest as much as twenty times more to generate the kinds of traffic we can achieve if you were solely using PPC. The beauty of content marketing is that a consistent schedule of added-value content keeps working hard for your business, and it doesn’t cost a single cent more whether you record a thousand clicks or a million.

Working With the SaaS SEO Experts at High Voltage

Every SaaS business is unique. As such, our SEO strategies and the content marketing we interweave into that approach are equally targeted to your business, products, branding, and key buyers.

We recognize that, as a predominantly online organization, SEO and content marketing might feel like a leap into the unknown–particularly if PPC is all you’ve ever worked on. However, with the right knowledge and the backing of a multi-skilled team, we develop successful growth plans to set you up for the future!

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